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Senior 2011 Class Pics…

Come in and have your portraits taken professionally at Katydid Outdoor Studio for candid poses and use our indoor studio for Cap & Gown, Drape & Tux pics.

It’s fun, the session is FREE right now thru the summer and we guarantee the results!  Come alone, bring your friends with you or your parents. Call to schedule your time slot.  Outdoor candids are best starting about 6:30 pm for that perfect sweet light before the sun goes down.

Check out this group of Besties that just left here tonight.

Double exposure

Does anybody do double exposures anymore for weddings? They were very popular when professionals shot film.   I always did them but I did my own unique signature doubles. My most famous one I did for almost every bride was what I called my flower double. If doubles are done well, they can enhance the wedding album.

Want to earn extra money?  Learn to shoot weddings with correct lighting and style! Sign up for my wedding class starting Wed. Oct. 6th, 7-9:30 pm for 3 consecutive Wednesday nights.