Phila Flower Show shooting tips

The Flower Show is spectacular this year with the theme of Springime in Paris. However the lighting has a lot to be desired . There just isn’t much light on the displays in the convention center.  There are very high spotlight bulbs and not much else.                                                                                                                      So how do you get your best results with your camera? We all want to remember the grogeous flowers and displays we will see.  My suggestion is if you prefer not to use flash, set your ISO number very high (ex: 1600), shoot your camera setting on P for Program and make sure you are steady and your shutter speed does not go below 1/60 second. If you have IS or VR, make sure to have it on (image stabilization). Now Pay attention to your fstop number and make sure it’s not blinking or saying Lo. If you’d like to manually pop your flash up on P, you can drop your ISO to 400 or 800 ISO so your pictures are not as grainy. Your ideal setting with a flash here would be to choose A or Av on the dial for Aperture Priority. Then pick your fstop of choice being careful that it allows you enough light coming thru the lens. This way you can achieve better depth of field with smaller apertures for more in focus shots. If you choose this way, watch your shutter speed. Try not to go below 1/60 but most people will be able to go to 1/15 sec. if you are very steady only when using the flash.                                                                                                          If you want to move in very close to a flower, set your camera to the Tulip Icon and watch your lighting. You can get as close as a foot to a few inches with most cameras on this setting, but not all cameras and lenses are created equal.  Enjoy a taste of spring and best of luck capturing your favorite flowers!

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