Full Moon Tonight

There will be a full moon tonight!  It  might be partly cloudy, so let’s wish for good weather.  It will be an excellent time to experiment.  The moon is the brightest object in the night sky and the most difficult  to photograph for amateur photographers.  You think it’s dark, and you will need more light but the moon is BRIGHT and can be very tricky to shoot.

Since the moon is lit directly by the sun, set my camera white balance for sunlight and shoot on manual.  Start at 200 ISO, 1/150 – 1/250 shutter, and the aperture between f/8 – f/11.  You will need a tripod and just for extra measure set your camera timer.

Some camera shops in the area will rent lenses if you would like to go a little more extreme and shoot with a 300mm, 500mm, or even 800mm.   Just play around and have some fun.

Please post any pictures that you take or any comments that you would like to make about your experience.


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