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How to take Fireworks photos

Fireworks are coming July 4th. Get your camera ready.  Find a good vantage point and look at your background for obstacles or lights that may hinder or enhance your images. The best way to shoot is to use a tripod but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you hand hold the camera, my suggestion is set your ISO number high, such as 800 or above. Set your shutter speed to S or Tv so you are in control. Now choose speeds between 1/15 to 1/125 and be very steady. Make sure you press the shutter button as the burst happens and your meter will choose the correct f-stop for exposure. Be very steady holding the camera as you shoot.  Using the tripod will give you spectacular results. You can set your ISO speed lower (100-400) and set your camera in Manual mode (M). Go to B for bulb on the shutter speed (by turning the dial all the way to the left).  Bulb allows you to keep the shutter open till you let go of it.  Now choose a small f-stop (f/8-f/16).  Use a cable release for best results for no camera shake. Keep the shutter open a few seconds to let several bursts acquire on one frame.  Be aware that once the fireworks burst, they can be very bright and not that difficult to shoot.  Good luck!