Archive | January 2012

B&W images work well in the Winter

Have you considered looking thru your camera’s menu options to see if you can take photos directly in black and white instead of color? Well lots of cameras have the option for you to shoot in B&W. It’s called Monochrome. It’s usually found under the shooting menu (some cameras however only offer it after you shot the photo, achieved thru the retouch menu). It’s a cool concept and winter is the perfect time to try it out. Pull out your composition skills and see what great images you can take. Look for leading lines by drawing your viewer into your photo. It’s always good to have a main subject that your line(s) can lead the viewer to. Try out other composition rules as well. I love to look for shadow and light when it comes to shooting B&W. I also find when there is snow on the ground, that’s a great time to shoot in B&W mode. Have fun!