Archive | August 2012

Summer Storms

We have had some crazy storms over the last few weeks. Just now as I am writing this, one is blowing through. Have you ever seen a picture of storm clouds or even those magnificent lightning strikes and wondered how those photographers got those shots? How would you like to be able to get those shots yourself? Well first and foremost USE A TRIPOD!!!
To get those shots you’re going to be using long exposure times and with those long exposure times you wont be able to get a steady shot by just hand holding your camera. Also to minimize shaking use the 2 second self timer on your camera or if you have one, use a remote. Next switch to manual mode, it gives you complete control of the settings in your camera. Since you may want to capture a lightning strike you will want your exposure time (Shutter speed) to be anywhere from 5 and 30 seconds long, which will capture the strike but will also most likely over expose your image, so to keep you image from over exposing change your aperture  settings to F8-F16. Since the lightning strikes appear at random put your camera into manual focus and focus on the sky. Also be patient, your first shot may not be THE shot but it will give you an idea what your settings give you, so you can tweak it to get the right settings for the next shot. Last but not least watch the storm. If it seems to be moving quickly towards you take cover. No need to ruin your equipment or even get yourself hurt.
Enjoy shooting