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Small Intimate Weddings Here

Some of you know that I finally stopped photographing full day weddings a few years ago. Well I still do photograph small affairs that come here to get married and I enjoy doing an hour of wedding photographs. So please tell your friends that want a small personalized wedding to get married here on our beautiful grounds and have my husband marry them outside! Check out his website at He does such a wonderful job for his couples, so personalized with laughter and tears guaranteed. I have never seen so many people thank him with compliments and praise.



BEGINNERS DIGITAL CAMERA CLASS starts June 18th and June 25th., Tuesday evening from 7:00-9:00 PM. Great class with lots of information about how to use the dials and menu’s on your camera. DSLR and Compact cameras are welcome! Personalized instruction with Hands-on Learning. Every class is Guaranteed or your money refunded. Now’s the time to take those great shots of the kids, sports, vacations and more! Sign up on our website or call Kathy at the studio (215-672-5686).


Learn to use Aperture Priority on your camera dial

To use A or Av…
First set your ISO for the light in front of you.
You can also use your ISO to get your f-stop number where you want it to be.
(Turn the front or back wheel on your camera, depending on your model, to change the f-stop #).
Remember, to get a blurry background, use a large lens opening (smaller number)
To get a sharp background, use a small lens opening (larger number)
Pay attention to the meter numbers and make sure they are not reading too slow of a shutter speed.
The general rule is not to go below 1/60 sec. for still objects. For moving objects you will need to be
1/500 or 1/1000 generally. If it’s a moving object, try to get the shutter speed to go higher by moving the ISO up).
Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

Look who’s turning 1!

We captured her big day for her! Baby portraits outside are great when your child can sit up and we have 3 acres here at Katydid Photography Studio for your little one to enjoy. Have your child bring their smiles and we will bring you wonderful photographs!
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Simply Glamorous Portraits

Phila makeover photoshoot

We are up and running with our new service for women. “Glamming it Up” by giving a makeover, hair and Photo Shoot to all ages of women. We all have busy lives today. Some of us take time for ourselves out of each day but others like myself don’t always find the time. This special time is to value yourself, empower yourself and feel absolutely gorgeous.

At Katydid Photography our goal is make you look and feel beautiful.
With the right lighting, pose and retouching, your stunning end result will make you tear up when you see just how beautiful you really are. How much better could this be? Let us help boost your confidence!

Our clients couldn’t be in better hands as we have teamed up with Riah Hair Studio and Smart Cosmetics in Furlong/Doylestown area. We love their stylists and they work so well with our clients.

When it comes to your photo shoot, Katydid herself will work with you to talk about clothing, style, shoes, jewelry and every important detail to make your day go smooth and fun. Then the session begins for two hours of laughing, posing and sometimes wine!

If you are interested or know of someone who needs to get empowered, please call for your free personal consultation. There is no charge to you for your makeover. It’s our gift to you. Life is too short to not remember just how beautiful you are right Now!

Simply Glamorous

glamour photo shoot


Glam Dawn




It’s a SPECIAL Price for those who can do a last minute class at Katydid Photography Studio…

• You’ll Learn what you can do with Your Camera to be in control
• Stop getting blurry or dark pictures
• Learn how to use P, S and A features
• Be in control of Depth of Field for out of focus backgrounds
• Stop Motion for sports games and more
• Learn what equipment works the best for your needs
CameraClass Special
This CLASS Special is for Wed. May 22 and May 29
                              7:00-9:00 pm
Both classes for $75 (regular price $129)
$AVE Now by calling to reserve your seat
or email me at
Classes taught by Certified Professional Photographer
Kathy Peoples
Katydid Photography Studio
363 W. Bristol Rd.
Warminster, Pa 18974