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A New Idea to Help You Learn!

Stunt double for Little Red Riding Hood WolfLunch and Learn $25 per person

Every Tuesday 12-1:00

Please sign up prior by calling or going HERE

or email us at

• Find the Light Hour  (outside shooting with instruction on how to get depth in your images using shadow and light)


• What is an ISO and how do I use it to control the exposure?


• The F-stops here (use of f-stops for blurry background and sharp backgrounds)


•Shutter Speed Control (stop action so there’s no more blurry pictures)


• To zoom or not to zoom (prime lens vs. zoom lenses)


• Composition and technique


• Scene modes vs. auto control


• Darn that flash (how to use your built-in flash correctly inside and outside)


• People and portraits (tips and posing)


• Get creative with B&W, Sepia and other settings on your camera


• P, S, Tv, A, Av modes (what do these all mean and which do I use?)


• Manual settings (you do it all, learn how!)