Fall Foliage Photos

Fall was always my favorite time of year when I was a kid. And today I still love it! The colors to capture thru the camera can be amazing if you time it right. And yes, every year is different. Today we are having a huge rain storm and it’s only the beginning of autumn. Hopefully the leaves will still cling to the trees and in  2 weeks we’ll see plenty of color around us.

Remember to change your ISO for the lighting you are shooting in before you start. Try your hand at shooting fall in 3 different lighting conditions. My first suggestion is in the middle of the day, when the sun is out and bright. This will capture all the brilliance of the colors but you may also find your shadows are harsh. Figure out what angle to the sun you should shoot for, so you get the best depth in your photos. Next, definitely try toward sunset, perhaps an hour before. The light will be much warmer in color and add a nice glow to the leaf colors. Also try out a cloudy day. Set your White Balance to “cloudy” and shoot away. Bright cloudy days would be better than dark cloudy days that we often have here on the East Coast. And most of all, experiment and have fun!

Wet fall day

Looking up





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