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Thanksgiving Holiday Portraits

It’s time to give thanks for all we have and for a wonderful family and friends. We love and thank all our customers, past and present, for believing in us to capture your ever precious moments of your life. Katydid Photography has been serving you since 1984 and I personally have loved every minute of it! I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love and meet so many wonderful people throughout my life. Here are some tips for getting some great family shots over the holidays. Inside the home, use your flash to stop the kids in motion. During the day in the house if your subjects are still and you don’t want to use the harsh flash, try setting your ISO to a higher number such as ISO 1600 and do not use your flash. This is considered natural light exposure. Then check your shutter speed and make sure its fast enough to stop any motion in your photos. My suggestion is P, S, Tv, Av or A (try to stay off Auto unless you do not know anything else yet on your camera). When it comes to people, try to get as many triangles in your photo as possible. Try moving elbows and legs to create triangles. Arrange your family in a large triangle shape. Triangles keep the mind within your image so your composition is more pleasing. Start really looking and get in control of your photos. Good luck and enjoy your day!

holiday children studio portrait

Sisters at the holiday

Fall is the best time of year to learn your camera-Starts Wed. 11/13

Beginners Digital Camera Class
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It’s that time of year­–the holidays are coming up fast! It’s a time for parties, get-togethers and making new memories. But are you ready to capture those moments on your camera? Will it be a picture worth keeping or another blurry, dark or unflattering photo to delete?

Now is the perfect opportunity to take some time and brush up on your camera skills, and there might even be some warm days left to get outside with your camera. But what exactly should you practice? How do you learn to take better photos anyway?

A starting point is to pay close attention. Take a look at your pictures and figure out what you want to improve. Look for patterns to determine what to focus on. If three out of five shots are unintentionally blurry, for example, that may indicate an area for improvement.

Ok, you say, so now what do I do, and what about all those settings and dials? How does my camera really work, anyway? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a camera, but don’t worry, our Beginners Digital Camera Class is starting again on Wednesday, November 13! In four sessions, you will learn the basics to better picture taking, as well as individualized help for your specific camera…and you will walk away with the indispensable Katydid Photo Cheat Sheet! An on location workshop to a local park is included after your 4 weeks of instruction. The class will determine the location during a weekend day.

Classes fill up fast, so don’t put it off! Sign up now for yourself or Gift Certificates make a great  gift for the budding photographer in your life!

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