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Feb. Lessons 1/2 price

Sign up thru the month of Feb. and get your Private Lesson for 1/2 price. One private hour, Now $50. The best deal is 2 full hours for $75.00 Sign up by calling 215-672-5686 to schedule your appointment thru the month of February. Take advantage of weekday appoinments, Monday thru Thursday from 10:00-4:00.

Cold winter leads to some great ice & snow photos

Be aware that your camera likes sunlight reflected off of an 18% gray card for getting a proper meter reading. When shooting snow, if your picture looks grey, check your histogram and if it is dark, it’s because it is reading too much white reflection. The camera will think there’s too much light out there. To compensate, you will need to open up your lens about +1 stop manually or set your exposure compensation button to +1. Remember after you are done, to set the compensation back to 0. Be aware the camera does not default to 0 when you turn it off so make sure you don’t forget to set it back to 0.©KATYDID40151673 4384

Wolf Workshop returns by popular demand

I took a group of amateur and professional photographers to NJ last week to visit a private residence that protects wolves and hybrids that opens its doors on weekends to groups. We met prior at a restaurant and went over the details of how to shoot and what settings were best for the day ahead of us. We spent 2 wonderful hours in the pens with the wolves and took lots of photos, petted them and then I took everyones photo with a wolf posed behind them. Here are some of the images I took in the snow of the wolves. I have scheduled another workshop on March 23rd from 11:00am-1:00pm if you would like to join us. The fee is $80.00 pp, includes 2 hours in the pens, prior instruction, some personal instruction during the 2 hrs and your photo taken with the wolves. You can sign up on our website at

Visit the wolves and take photos Feb. 8th!

Sat. Feb. 8th, 12:00-2:00 pm photograph the wolves, go in the pens with them, interact and take photos. A once in a lifetime experience! You’ll get instruction with Kathy Peoples, have your photo taken with the wolves and be surprised at the tricks they will do for you. Dress warm! Sign up by calling 215-672-5686. Only 2 spots left. $80 pp.wolf