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Time to Go See the Wolves Again!

Come out and enjoy photographing the wolves. We are excited to be able to go back since we have had overwhelming success the past two times that we have gone. If you have gone in the past and like the shots that you have gotten come back and see what the wolves look like in the spring. If you haven’t had the chance to come and see these beautiful animals now is your chance! If you have already seen them come on, get your friends to come and you can take photos of them and watch them get excited as they have a chance to pet the wolves too. ┬áHere is the info that you can find on our site HERE.


Wolf Preserve

Come to NJ and go inside the pens and get close to the wolves. This location is a breed-specific animal shelter that rescues and places domestic bred wolves, wolfdog hybrids and northern breeds. This is a fun time to get close to a real wolf and time for you to get some great shots. Also includes having your photo taken with the wolves and instruction by Kathy Peoples. We will meet prior at a diner at 10:00 am to go over how to shoot, what modes to use and more. Directions will be sent when you sign up. Location is about an hour from Warminster, Pa.
Meet at Dunkin Donuts for a bite to eat and to discuss shooting the wolves at 9am
Dates: May 31st, 2014
Time: 10am-12pm