25 Things to Photograph in the Fall

Dancin' Leaves4999Since Summer is almost over ( I know, can you believe it?) it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what to take pictures of in the Fall. Here is a list of some things to take pictures of.

1. Leaves. There are so many different ways to photograph leaves. On the trees, in the air, on the ground. The possibilities are endless.

2. Pumpkins. Big ones, little ones. Line them up or scatter them around. A perfect fall item to take pictures of.

3. Trees changing color. did you ever notice that there are so many different colors of leaves in Fall?

4. Halloween decorations. From whimsical to scary, capture all that October has to offer.

5. Barns. Whether it’s a landscape photo or a shot of some rustic wood, barns are an amazing fall staple.

6. Festivals. Check out the many food and fall themed Festivals in Bucks County this autumn.

7. Waterfalls or any moving water

8. Bales of Hay. They have great textures to capture.

9. Pinecones. Another fall item with great colors and designs.

10. Gourds. So many textures and colors.

11. Sunlight coming through the trees. Check out how photographers play with glare to create some really interesting photos.

12. A lonely trail or even your driveway, covered in leaves. Capture the feeling of fall.

13. A roaring bonfire. So many interesting patterns and colors for you to capture.

14. Flames from your own cozy fireplace. Watch the flames dance and move.

15. Fall leaves in puddles . There are lots of cool reflections and patterns in water.

16. Steam rising from your warm drink on a cold morning.

17. Pumpkin pies and Apple pies. Try to get a picture before they disappear!

18. Pumpkin patches and hayrides. They are the perfect place to capture the true essence of fall.

19.  Jack O Lanterns ( look for a more in-depth post on this coming in October)

20. Leaves fluttering in the wind or falling from trees. Remember to try panning your camera to get a good shot.

21. Photographs at Sunrise or Sunset. You can get some really interesting shots of the sky and the warm colored trees.

22.  Use your macro lens or get close up to take pictures of leaves, grass, and trees. Focus on textures and colors.

23. Experiment with your shadow, take pictures where you can see your shadow. Pretend you are in a haunted house or scary movie.

24. Take pictures of your pets, whether they are snuggled up inside or playing around outside

25. Take a family portrait outside with everyone in their coziest clothes like oversized sweaters or flannels.


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