DXO One camera for iPhone.

As consumers we want our cell phones to be able to do everything from making phone calls, being a calculator and a gaming system to being our social media hub and being able to take the best photographs possible. Cell phone camera have come a long way, but they still can’t compare to a Digital SLR camera.

Some manufacturers have made lenses that clamp on and connect wirelessly to your smartphone like the Sony QX30 shown below. There are also add-on lenses to optimize the cell phone camera, such as a fish eye lens, wide-angle lens and macro lens.

Image result for sony lens camera for smartphone

DXO has made their first camera, the DXO One. It connects via lightning port to your iPhone, which swivels 60 degrees for easy maneuverability. The camera has some impressive specs, it has a 1″ sensor, 20.2 megapixels, and f/1.8 which goes down to f/11. The DXO One is equivalent to a 32 mm lens. The ISO is from ISO 100 to ISO 51200 (Hi 2) and the shutter speed is from 1/20000 to 30s, and electronic image stabilization in video. The DXO One also has many camera modes: Auto, Sports, Portrait, Landscape, Night, Program, Aperture Priority, Speed Priority, Manual, and 1080p (30 fps), 720p (120fps) and Manual 1080p (30 fps) video modes, which help make this camera like a very portable Digital SLR camera. The DXO One has 3 video modes:. Is supports .JPG, .DNG, .DXO (SuperRAW™), and .MOV (H.264) formatting, so you can format your files the way that fits you best. The DXO One has its own battery which can last about 200 pictures and is recharged via USB 2.0. It also has a micro-SD card slot for expanded memory.

For the full list of specs, please see the link to DXO’s website.

Image result for DXO one camera

The DXO One looks to be a very nice smartphone accessory that can turn your phone into a great camera. The screen becomes a big and beautiful viewfinder and the DXO One is the little lens that has a lot packed into it.

Image result for DXO one camera

The DXO One costs $599.00 plus tax, which is a good price for a good camera. One of the negatives about the DXO One is that it is only compatible with iPhones and iPads with a lightning port.

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