Happy New Year!! Here’s a tip for the cold weather.


Here is a tip for keeping your hands from freezing when touching your tripod.

You can buy tripod leg wraps, but they will run you $19.95 up to $54.95. You can also make some like the pictures above with foam pipe insulation for under $5.00.

I looked up the dimensions of my tripod online which was about 1.15 inches. Then I looked up which home improvement store was closest and saw that the Lowe’s near me had 1-1/4 inch foam pipe insulation. When I got there they only had 1 inch foam pipe insulation. So I got the 6 foot foam pipe insulation that was pre slit and had glue on it to seal to itself, Which was $1.94. Then I got some electrical tape, which was $1.99.

I used a little but sharp knife to cut the foam insulation tube into three 4 inch or a little bigger than my hand sections. To get the same size, I used the first foam piece that I cut when cutting the other two. Then put one around one of the tripod legs to make sure it would fit, since it was a little tight, I scored two lines down the inside of the tube and cut just a little bit of foam out. Then I wrapped the foam tube around the tripod leg and put a piece of electrical tape between the glue/ seal area and the tripod leg, so the foam tube wouldn’t stick to the leg.

You could put duct tape or hockey stick tape on the foam tube to give it a little personality, but the glue on the seal should keep it from opening.

It’s a cheap, but effective way to keep your hands from freezing when you touch your tripod during this winter.

Have fun and stay warm this winter!


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