Studio Photography Weekend

This weekend, we had an incredible time with our Studio Photography Class. We started off the weekend by first img_1093reviewing the studio equipment available to use in a studio setting and why you might choose the rembrandt light vs. split lighting. Then the students put together the equipment to get a feel on handling the equipment. Students were able to learn a lot with this hands on approach. Hands on learning is a fantastic way of learning here at Katydid Photography.

Throughout the weekend, we had various models of different ages pose for the students. We covered all the various posing possibilities that could be used. Every student was given time with all models to experience how to photograph and work with the different models.  14516505_10153766571701541_7731232998882547691_nStudents were also given the opportunity to photograph an entire family. At the end of Saturday’s class, the students showcased their work for a critique. Students were able to see how their photos turned out and how a certain pose may look better than originally thought while working. Students were given helpful tips for future studio sessions.


Student’s Photo

And when the good weather broke out… so did the students! Per the students request, we took the models outside and learned how to use an external flash for an outdoor photography session. We explored how to use the automatic ‘through the lens’ program for the flash and how to use the flash manually, and why you may use one function vs. the other.

To finish the studio photography class, the students learned how to edit the photos that they took during the weekend. Students were shown how to use Adobe Lightroom to quick edit their models’ photos before presenting them to the world.

We had such a blast this weekend that we can’t wait to have this class again! Hopefully we’ll see you too at our next class.


Student’s Photo


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