Family Gatherings

Its that time of the year again and the Holiday Season has already started, especially for those who like to start early. During this time, we reach out to the ones we haven’t connected with and arrange gatherings with friends and family. Amid these gathering we often snap a few photos on our phones or point and shoot cameras and often forget about them once the holidays are over.  However, quality photos that hang on walls and displayed in frames are memories that are not easily forgotten. They serve as a reminder of the time when everyone was together from near and far and show how we have changed and grown over the years.

Here at Katydid Photography we do just that, we capture memories that last a life time and serve as a reminder of who we are as individuals and as a family.  Our studio accommodates large groups which is perfect for those extended family portraits, we also invite pets to take part in our portrait experience. During family sessions, we take the time to photograph individual family portraits to provide a personalized gallery choose from. Some of our busiest times are the weekend of Thanksgiving and before and after Christmas when families are together from all over.  So we encourage you to take advantage of this time of the year, gather your family and join us in our studio to capture your memories. You may view our gallery online at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Family portrait



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