Archive | June 2018

Bryn Athyn Workshop

Kathy hosted a trip to Cairnwood Estate Bryn Athyn on Wednesday, June 27th. Students were instructed on how to use depth of field, exposure settings and tripods to capture great photos of the lights and the historic estate in a nighttime setting. The photos down below were taken by Kathy on an iPhone 7+.

Westpoint Trip

Kathy went to Westpoint on Friday, June 22nd where she took candid photos of 8th grade students on their field trip and taught a cell phone photography class. Check out some of Kathy’s favorite shots from the trip down below.

Wolf Preserve

Students joined Kathy on a trip to see wolves up close and personal on Sunday, June 17. She instructed students on proper camera settings and how to use shutter speed to capture shots of the wolves in action. Check out some photos from the trip down below!

IMG_3107.jpgStudents had a great time getting close to real wolves and capturing some amazing shots with their cameras

IMG_3078.jpgWho has the better smile?

IMG_3034.jpg .jpgA camera-ready wolf in its spacious habitat

IMG_3194.jpgGetting a little love from a wolf dog

IMG_3168.jpgA fast shutter speed was used to capture the movement of the animals

Smile for the camera!

Students learned all about wolves and their habitat with the help of a guide

Students had photo opportunities of a lifetime on this fun trip