Family Portrait Season Is Upon Us!

Fall is upon us, the leaves are changing! The only thing you need is a good photographer who can capture the color of the season, great poses and expressions of your family.


Where To Shoot

Bucks County is filled with parks, creeks, and rivers that can pose to be optimal locations for capturing the fall weather. You can also photograph on our studio grounds. We have lots to offer such as a springhouse rock wall, gazebo, pond, and gardens.


Dress Appropriately

Fall is usually associated with cold weather and sweaters, it’s not best to appear wearing short sleeve t-shirts when the environment surrounding a subject screams fall. Colors also play a roll in photos. As your photographer, our goal is to make your subject contrast with their environment, driving attention towards them. Choose no more than three colors for your entire family, make sure there’s no patterns too. Colors that are optimal for fall include blues, purples, reds, black, and even jeans. Everyone featured must be dressed either casually or formally, no in-between. Baggy clothing is also not recommended and shoes do count.


We would love to speak with you about preparing for your family portrait session! Please give us a call at 215-262-7515 for your personal consultation.


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