How To Get That Perfect Autumn Shot

The fall season provides many photo opportunities- with the warm colors surrounding you, there are endless amounts of what you can capture.


Morning light in October

In Bucks County, there are more than plenty of locations you can shoot photos at. To name a few: Tyler State Park, Peace Valley Park, Fonthill Castle, and Peddler’s Village.

In order to make the colors of fall shine, it’s best to shoot during golden hour, which is the hour before sunset. During the Golden Hour, the sunlight is soft and warm, which creates a warm effect on your image.

Abstract photography works great in fall photography. If you run across any patterns, or anything that creates a shape, take a photo of it! Besides abstract things, foliage should be your main focus when shooting. Be sure to capture the leaves at their brightest!


Fall colors showing their beauty at noon with lots of contrast

Contrast should be inviting. For example, if you took a picture overlooking a field filled with the colors of autumn also with a white colored house, the house will standout among its surroundings. A blue sky can also give off the same effect. To deepen those color tones, use a polarizing filter on your lens.

If you’re interested in learning more about the features of your camera, how it make your backgrounds blurry on purpose, how to get sharp landscapes and more, please see our website or call Kathy for private lessons (215) – 262 – 7515.

Visit our large studio in the rear of the property with plenty of parking. We also have three acres of landscaped grounds for you to practice taking pictures. Call us today!


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