The Katydid Family Grows

jaimeIntroducing a new face here at Katydid Photography — Jaime. She’s been assisting with our social media work, blogging, and e-mails. You may have met her while taking a class, as she likes to participate as a student in our classes.

When she’s not in the Katydid studio working, you can find her volunteering by taking photos of the animals at the Women’s Humane Society and at Trevose Fire Company, where she is also a volunteer firefighter. She’s currently working administration in a physical therapy office but is aspiring to work as a photographer one day herself. Her favorite things to photograph are portraits, firefighter, and dogs.

So the next class you come to at Katydid Studio, keep an eye out and be sure to say hi!

Get 1/2 hr. FREE with purchase of One Hour Private Lesson Sale!

Suffering from cabin fever? Get out for private lessons with Kathy Peoples of Katydid Photography! Learn how to take advantage of the winter weather and take pictures of the snow!

For a limited time get 1/2 hr. FREE with purchase of One Hour Private Lesson.

Visit for more details.

*Beginner or Intermediate Levels. Kathy Peoples of Katydid Photography will personally instruct you using your camera modes, features and more. Tailored to your needs!
Lessons: Must be used Monday through Thursday between 10:00am – 4:00pm from Feb. 2 thru March 30, 2016.

A Christmas Gift for you!

These two holiday backgrounds are fantastic for your photo projects such as collages, cards, or just layer them with your own photos. Click on each image to reveal the full size and then right-click to save to your computer. Look for a tutorial on how to use these images soon!

Chris Joins the Katydid Photography Team

CLC_9592_CLind_4x6 Katydid Photography Studio is happy to announce the newest member of its team, Chris Lind!

A word from Chris: Hello, I am so excited to be here at Katydid Photography!

From the moment I could flip the pages of magazines, I have been captivated by images. By 1996, I realized that photography was a passion while holding a cardboard camera, and by 1999, I had built my first darkroom in a small bathroom. While the process of making a photograph has come a long way since then, I find that making images is still a celebration of life, of beauty, and of the journey.

Kathy is a master of her craft and dedicated to beautiful, quality portraiture. Did I mention that her photo classes are informative and fun? (Yes, you can enjoy learning to take your camera off auto!)  Kathy puts her heart into all things photography. She cares about her clients and that shows! I am happy to be here at Katydid Photography, and I hope that we can help you celebrate all that’s beautiful in your journey!


A New Idea to Help You Learn!

Stunt double for Little Red Riding Hood WolfLunch and Learn $25 per person

Every Tuesday 12-1:00

Please sign up prior by calling or going HERE

or email us at

• Find the Light Hour  (outside shooting with instruction on how to get depth in your images using shadow and light)


• What is an ISO and how do I use it to control the exposure?


• The F-stops here (use of f-stops for blurry background and sharp backgrounds)


•Shutter Speed Control (stop action so there’s no more blurry pictures)


• To zoom or not to zoom (prime lens vs. zoom lenses)


• Composition and technique


• Scene modes vs. auto control


• Darn that flash (how to use your built-in flash correctly inside and outside)


• People and portraits (tips and posing)


• Get creative with B&W, Sepia and other settings on your camera


• P, S, Tv, A, Av modes (what do these all mean and which do I use?)


• Manual settings (you do it all, learn how!)

The Signature Storyboard of a Loving Family


Over the weekend, I was very fortunate and got to know a family with 3 lovely children. I spent Sat. evening with them as they relaxed and got into their jammies and then the entire day on Sunday with them at their house and on the beach. pj kidsjpg

They were on vacation at the family seashore home that their grandparents owned. Dan-Dan is just about to turn 3, Zoey 5 and Alice 7. They were well behaved, especially loved their Mimi and were energetic as children are. I took some candids as they interacted with the family and then did some closeups of each individual child so they all had their special time in front of the camera. Katydid 3273

Katydid 3338

Katydid 3352

There was plenty of sunshine coming thru the windows so I was able to shoot quietly without disturbing the natural goings-on of the day.  It didn’t bother them as I was shooting in the house as they went along with their daily routine. It was good to do some photos inside, we had some nice soft window light bouncing around and the best part is it is a more controlled environment where I can get kids total attention and we all know that can sometimes be difficult. I find there are always children who won’t look directly at you even though they try to cooperate with you but if you’re patient, you will get great results.  TP3314

Then it was off to the beach for some group shots of the three of them. When taking photos, I try to let them be themselves and then add just a touch of posing and lighting to their story. I don’t mind if parents help out a little but I need to stay focused and concentrate on posing, depth of field, lighting and then of course, expression! The childrens mommy was great in asking them to say some funny things that she knew were things that generally weren’t said around the house. I thought this was a great idea and there were no bad words, just words you wouldn’t want them to say at the dinner table. This session didn’t last long as most of you reading this know how bad the heat and humidity have been here on the East Coast this summer. But all in all it was well worth venturing out to the bay for photos and the kids got to see a part of the ocean they weren’t familiar with and explore. Katydid3437


I’ve often thought of offering my services like this to families that could afford to keep me at their residence for a few days or longer. How great would it be to really capture every day family life and all the little nuances that happen. I know parents take a lot of photos of their family today because of the digital technology, but are they present in the story? Usually not, they’re behind the camera.                                                                                                                 If you would like to share your family with me, I would be honored to photograph them. Feel free to contact me.  Live life to its fullest!                        Warmly, Kathy Peoples

New Classes Available

External Flash Photography Workshop Wednesday 5/15 6:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.     Cost: $99
Come shoot with me as I teach you how to use your flash in various modes and figure out what works best for you. I will also show how to use multiple flashes together for awesome light.

You will photograph a model outside at a local park and then head back into the studio to shoot with your flash with Kathy’s guidance.

Then to top off the night, we will review your images and do slight enhancements in Photoshop.

You will need any version of Photoshop (Elements or CS), your camera, the external flash unit(s) and your tripod (optional) .

We are going to be leaving the studio so remember to get gas and charge your flash batteries.

Photography Composition Class Tuesday 5/28 7:00-9:00 PM

Cost: $79.95

Composition One Night Class

Learn the elements that make up a great photo!

Composition refers to the arrangement of visual elements in a photo. As a photographer, you use lines, shapes, colors, tones, patterns, textures, balance, symmetry, depth, perspective, scale, and lighting to bring your images to life.

We will cover Creativity, Style, Color Balance, Simplicity, Rule of Thirds, Center of Interest, Framing, Leading Lines, Lighting, Subject Matter, Technique, Story Telling Impact and Presentation.


Teen Camera Camp Week Monday 7/29 – Friday 8/2 9am-3pm Lunch Break 12-12:45 Ages: 13 – 18

Cost: $500

Let your teen be a part of our first ever Teen Camp Week where we will explore the fundamentals of photography and where we will get creative and photograph the beautiful bucks county surroundings. With the large classroom/studio area there is nothing holding them back.

Day 1: Learn Camera Basics and other stuff

Day 2: Be Creative with composition, color and technique

Day 3: Be photographed and photograph each other

Day 4: Learn to manipulate your photos in various programs *

Day 5: Field trip to a local park, photograph flowers and wildlife**

*on Day 4 Please bring a laptop

** transportation provided

Dates: Monday 7/29 – Friday 8/2

Times: 9am-3pm Lunch Break 12-12:45

Ages: 13 – 18


Beginners Camera One Day Crash Course Saturday 5/18/13 9:30 AM- 3:30 PM, Lunch break 12-1:00

Cost: $199 per person

An all-day event to learn how to use your camera and take it off Auto. Settings, depth of field, f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO, scene modes and more will be discussed and tried. Bring your camera for hands-on learning for this fun day. Don’t let your camera intimidate you anymore!


Photoshop Elements & CS5 Beginners Monday May 6, 13, 20 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Cost: $225

Learn Photoshop’s menus, options and tools. Crop, resize, make changes and upload images. Learn how to create layers, use control keys to make effects, transform photos, adjust all color levels and then how to flatten the layers and save your image in various formats. Katydid will show you how to make general enhancements, special effects and how to create collages. Create beautiful black and white images and learn how to colorize only parts of your image for an artistic look.


Go to to sign up!

Washington, D.C. Cherry Tree photos

It was a drizzly gray day so I manilpulated these in Photoshop CS4. Cherry Tree festival seemed early this year.

Bucks County Zoo to Host “Night at the Museum”

Fundraising event being held November 28

WARMINSTER, PA — Bucks County Zoo, the first exotic animal zoo in Bucks County and the first accredited educational facility, will host a fund-raising event on Saturday, November 28 from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. at the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum at 780 Falcon Circle, Warminster. Tickets are on sale at

The event, called “Night at the Museum,” will feature guest speaker Clyde Peeling, a world-renowned reptile expert and adventure traveler, along with a selection of resident exotic animals. Beer and wine is being donated by local wineries and breweries, and local restaurants Bertucci’s, The Temperance House and others will provide food. DJ entertainment, and live and silent auctions are additional highlights of the evening.

The true highlight of the event, however, will be its unique and unusual setting – underneath the centrifuge inside a giant, round 11,000-square-foot dome. The centrifuge is a 10- by six-foot oblate sphere steel ball, or gondola, at the end of a 50-foot arm. John Glenn called it a “dreaded” and “sadistic” part of astronaut training. Time magazine referred to it as “a monstrous apparatus,” a “gruesome merry-go-round,” and, less originally, a “torture chamber.”

“It’s going to be awesome in there!” said Joe Fortunato, the Zoo’s executive director. “Operating this zoo is my life’s dream. Proceeds from ticket sales and donations made at the event will help fund zoo operations over the next year and into the future.”