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Day 35, 2011 “The cat that ate the canary”


Perfect Pregnancy Portrait

We took a truly perfect pregnancy portrait of  this lovely couple.

Christmas Portraits

Look at the little cutie we had in the portrait studio getting their Christmas picture taken.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and thank all of our annual customers for their patronage.

Holiday Season Portrait Post Cards

We are into the holiday season and now is the time to get your family portraits updated for your  Holiday Post Cards that can be sent to all your family and friends!!!  There is still time! Call now to set up an appointment. 215-672-5686

Tip of the Week

When photographing newborns, keep a space heater close by. To photograph a bare naked butt, slowly take off the diaper and let the cold air hit the baby before removing it completely or you will often get a surprise!  Have mom in the picture cuddling with her baby. Watch for lighting and expression before shooting but always be ready.