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Photography Tips For Beginners : Keep your Camera with you at ALL times!

nature2729Keep your Camera with you at all times.

Some of the best pictures happen when you least expect them. A candid of a child that captures them just the way they are. A picture of an animal in its environment. Sometimes you never know when the right moment will hit or when something will catch your eye. If you keep your photo equipment really simple, just your bag and camera, you will be ready to go. Your cell phone can work too. Just take a picture to remember a location that you want to return to at a later time.

Chris Joins the Katydid Photography Team

CLC_9592_CLind_4x6 Katydid Photography Studio is happy to announce the newest member of its team, Chris Lind!

A word from Chris: Hello, I am so excited to be here at Katydid Photography!

From the moment I could flip the pages of magazines, I have been captivated by images. By 1996, I realized that photography was a passion while holding a cardboard camera, and by 1999, I had built my first darkroom in a small bathroom. While the process of making a photograph has come a long way since then, I find that making images is still a celebration of life, of beauty, and of the journey.

Kathy is a master of her craft and dedicated to beautiful, quality portraiture. Did I mention that her photo classes are informative and fun? (Yes, you can enjoy learning to take your camera off auto!)  Kathy puts her heart into all things photography. She cares about her clients and that shows! I am happy to be here at Katydid Photography, and I hope that we can help you celebrate all that’s beautiful in your journey!


Photo Experience at Cuttaloossa Farm

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Unique Photo Experience Sat. Oct. 19, 2013. Held at CUTTALOOSA Farm in New Hope, Pa (designed after Monet paintings). Workshop with Kathy Peoples. Get on the grounds, see the Artist Studio, shoot from angles you’ve never been able to before! Two sessions available. 9:00-11:00 (including feeding the animals…adorable babydoll sheep, roosters, etc.) and 11:00-1:00. $99.00/session. Add $50 for Image processing instruction and help from 5:00-7:00 at Katydid Photography Studio for a fun night, pizza included! Contact Kathy 215-672-5686. http://www.Katydidphoto.com

The Signature Storyboard of a Loving Family


Over the weekend, I was very fortunate and got to know a family with 3 lovely children. I spent Sat. evening with them as they relaxed and got into their jammies and then the entire day on Sunday with them at their house and on the beach. pj kidsjpg

They were on vacation at the family seashore home that their grandparents owned. Dan-Dan is just about to turn 3, Zoey 5 and Alice 7. They were well behaved, especially loved their Mimi and were energetic as children are. I took some candids as they interacted with the family and then did some closeups of each individual child so they all had their special time in front of the camera. Katydid 3273

Katydid 3338

Katydid 3352

There was plenty of sunshine coming thru the windows so I was able to shoot quietly without disturbing the natural goings-on of the day.  It didn’t bother them as I was shooting in the house as they went along with their daily routine. It was good to do some photos inside, we had some nice soft window light bouncing around and the best part is it is a more controlled environment where I can get kids total attention and we all know that can sometimes be difficult. I find there are always children who won’t look directly at you even though they try to cooperate with you but if you’re patient, you will get great results.  TP3314

Then it was off to the beach for some group shots of the three of them. When taking photos, I try to let them be themselves and then add just a touch of posing and lighting to their story. I don’t mind if parents help out a little but I need to stay focused and concentrate on posing, depth of field, lighting and then of course, expression! The childrens mommy was great in asking them to say some funny things that she knew were things that generally weren’t said around the house. I thought this was a great idea and there were no bad words, just words you wouldn’t want them to say at the dinner table. This session didn’t last long as most of you reading this know how bad the heat and humidity have been here on the East Coast this summer. But all in all it was well worth venturing out to the bay for photos and the kids got to see a part of the ocean they weren’t familiar with and explore. Katydid3437


I’ve often thought of offering my services like this to families that could afford to keep me at their residence for a few days or longer. How great would it be to really capture every day family life and all the little nuances that happen. I know parents take a lot of photos of their family today because of the digital technology, but are they present in the story? Usually not, they’re behind the camera.                                                                                                                 If you would like to share your family with me, I would be honored to photograph them. Feel free to contact me.  Live life to its fullest!                        Warmly, Kathy Peoples

Look who’s turning 1!

We captured her big day for her! Baby portraits outside are great when your child can sit up and we have 3 acres here at Katydid Photography Studio for your little one to enjoy. Have your child bring their smiles and we will bring you wonderful photographs!
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It’s a SPECIAL Price for those who can do a last minute class at Katydid Photography Studio…

• You’ll Learn what you can do with Your Camera to be in control
• Stop getting blurry or dark pictures
• Learn how to use P, S and A features
• Be in control of Depth of Field for out of focus backgrounds
• Stop Motion for sports games and more
• Learn what equipment works the best for your needs
CameraClass Special
This CLASS Special is for Wed. May 22 and May 29
                              7:00-9:00 pm
Both classes for $75 (regular price $129)
$AVE Now by calling to reserve your seat
or email me at katydidphotograph@comcast.net
Classes taught by Certified Professional Photographer
Kathy Peoples
Katydid Photography Studio
363 W. Bristol Rd.
Warminster, Pa 18974