Archive | October 2012

Our live-in Intern at the Studio

Time has passed too quickly and I have not been here on my blog. Busy summer with a full-time student living with us for 9 weeks. Her name was Holli and she was pleasant and fun to be around. She was from Erie, studying photography, so I ventured all over the area with her to show off our beautiful surroundings here in Bucks County. Our last photo outing was to show her Center City, Phila (something that was on her list of things to see).

While she was here she learned a lot of shortcuts and how to’s on Adobe Photoshop and how a photography studio is run. She went back to finish her college degree at Indiana College of Pa and I think she’s considering enrolling in a program with a ┬áMarketing degree when she graduates to improve her skills because she also wants to be a studio owner. So I just wanted to give a shout out to Holli and wish her all the best in accomplishing her dreams. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed having you spend the summer with us!